• Innovative, new RPG-Adventure Genre

• Atmospheric and varied State of the Art 3D-Graphics in a style all of their own.

• The original story with its cult characters distinguishes itself from all other RPG’s.
A story full of changes and surprises, which sweeps you along, and a strand of plot that motivates.
Takes a jab against many well known RPG’s and films.

• Thrilling, strategic combat system that provides entertainment all the way through with its multitude of skills and actions intensive to the story.
Spectacular camera tracking shots underline the action packed animations.

• Entertaining, amusing conversations and puzzles that remind one of an adventure classic such as “Monkey Island”.

• Charismatic, striking NPC’s with individual personalities and their own daily routines.

• Three categories of career with different actions increase the motivation to play and play again Work your way up to hero, Samurai or metal master status.

• Loves: the player can court some women and even get engaged, if he can make himself convincing enough.