As the strength of the light and myrmidons of the evil ones once again joined in the war in the year 1133, in order to bring about an all-deciding slaughter, the gigantic masses, however, exterminated each other.
Now – in the time of reorientation, the chaos and the anarchy, many adventurers, mercenaries, false prophets and the chosen ones entered the world to try their luck. Even Roger Sun is very suddenly drawn into the world of Grotesque by an unknown force.
A man from the present, who is really a metal fan, and plays pen and paper and live rôles.
As he becomes aware that he has lapsed into the typical rôle play of a case of amnesia, is only wearing few clothes and has somehow become more muscular, he knows that he must be the only true chosen one. He is absolutely determined to rescue the world, a beautiful princess or at least some important looking person.
But who are these psychopathic, French speaking vampires that are chasing Roger. What are these sugary voices that speak to him and why has a bounty been set on his head, which is making a lot of people rather aggressive?

Grotesque is not any computer game…
Grotesque is no worldly RPG,
Grotesque is the reality and it is much more challenging that anything an RPG fan has ever believed possible…

Expect the Unexpected